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How we met

He was cute though not quite handsome. Polite but not exactly well-polished. Smart but not necessarily intelligent. He had a friendly but determined demeanor; his glasses flowed nicely with his smile, balancing his “nerd” appearance and youthful looks.

Roderick — a translation of his actual name, close enough to ensure…

Vivien Leigh — Source: Wikimedia Commons

Movies are not just fun for actors. Some classic movies we must watch. They are also homework. Watching films inspires and affects us. It also provides us with a shared knowledge foundation with fellow actors. The world of filmmaking is a universe of film lovers. And the ability to discuss…

Image source: Val Kimer’s Twitter feed

As an actor, I am always reading biographies and watching documentary pieces about other actors. Especially method actors: their troubles and achievements seem to flow at the same pace as their characters.
Amazon Original Documents has just released “Val,” a movie where one of my favorite method actors, Val Kilmer…

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Acting in Covid times

When Stanislavsky decided to develop his famous acting method, he was motivated to experiment with a new way of performing. His goal was for actors to focus on naturalism while leaving the physical and vocal training as foundational layers for emotion.
In the Post-Covid era, actors will work their craft after…

Luciana Lambert

Actress, mom, writer, ex-lawyer, vegan, witch. The only thing that matters about my childhood is that I survived.

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