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As an actor, I am always reading biographies and watching documentary pieces about other actors. Especially method actors: their troubles and achievements seem to flow at the same pace as their characters.
Amazon Original Documents has just released “Val,” a movie where one of my favorite method actors, Val Kilmer, tells his story as best as he can.
He lost his voice due to cancer treatment. He can still speak, although the artificial sound he produces when talking comes from a device attached to his throat that makes him sound like a robot. He sometimes borrows his son’s voice to…

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My Twitter friend Kim posted an emotional thread where she admitted to coming close to “ending it all.” Her desperation’s culprit was when she felt hit like a ton of bricks by her toxic ex-husband’s remarks about her to their young son. “Why won’t he leave me alone? I am trying to move on. I just want to not be mentioned by him at all. Why is he still abusing me through my son, who now comes to me to quote the names he uses to describe me (neurotic, over-reactive, negative, mean)? It shouldn’t hurt, but it does. …

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Who are these people behind interesting voices on Clubhouse? Why do they talk like that? Can I get more of my favorite commenters’ insights? Can I mute an annoying chatterbox on my end while they speak (without leaving the room)? No, and no. You get what you get so, don’t be upset.

Let’s break down the quirky characters you come across in the audio platform— several will indeed describe themselves as “quirky.” Is that even a real adjective? From masters of their game to rude amateurs, you will easily find the types I describe in this piece. Some are making…

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Whose house is this anyway? It was so much fun at the beginning… Experts I would probably never get to consult with giving out free advice for no reason other than probably loving the sound of their own voices. And I appreciate it. I love the sound of their voices too. Some of them I hear for their knowledge. Others, I admit, I just love how they sound when they speak.

I joined rooms as a listener, asked questions when they came to mind, received responses that went in every direction. …

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Emotionally scarred by a year locked down, uncertain about the future of my marriage (and my own), and still fearful of this virus - the ever-present threat that can potentially kill or worsen one’s health in ways not yet completely understood. I am, dear reader, hanging by a thread.

My thread is holding my young children’s sanity together, albeit imperfectly — they are both showing OCD symptoms, one of them is seeing a therapist. Pre-pandemic, they were an only joy. Or, perhaps, the simplicity of life disguised their issues. …

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Performance (and casting) in the post-covid era.

Acting is changing.

When Stanislavsky decided to develop his famous acting method, he was motivated to experiment with a new way of performing. His goal was for actors to focus on naturalism while leaving the physical and vocal training as foundational layers for emotion.
In the Post-Covid era, actors will work their craft after our initial adaptation to the new normal. We will perform virtually more than in person. We will be more physically distant, even when on a stage with the audience present. Like Stanislavsky did, we are reinventing performance.

Casting via self-taped auditions.

Casting, too, is changing. Casting Directors will refine their observation skills and…

#StanislavskySaturday on YouTube

The Stanislavsky Acting Method defines motivation by a character’s psychological and physical goals: where are they going, and where are they coming from?
Sometimes an actor feels “stuck” when performing a scene. When that happens, we need to remember what the character wants.

Tennesse Williams, Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, Lauren Gunderson: how writers explore motivation.

Writer Aaron Sorkin, in his masterclass, shares that he uses this approach to his writing when he feels stuck writing dialogue. He asks himself what the character wants and what is on their way.
Remember: not everything your character says is what they are thinking. The spoken line is just the surface.
Tennesse Williams, for example, explored motivation deeply…

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Planning is a pleasure.

I love planning. I like doing what I planned even better. There is great pleasure in crossing something off a to-do list. Another thing I love is creating boards. Sometimes they are Pinterest-like vision boards. At other times, they are simple checklists with minimal images for inspiration — like the ones you can create with Trello. Planning is fun. At least when we start. Filled with inspiration, we set goals, create lists, but somehow we fail to cross off all items. Therefore, we do not see results from our planning as often as we desire. But why?

In the TEDx…

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A bad day

I called the Nurse Line from work with symptoms: chest pain, trouble breathing, dizziness. My vision was starting to blur. My speech was also unclear. Whatever that was, it happened fast. One minute, I am trying my co-worker’s espresso. The next, everything around me is spinning, and I feel like I will be sick.

After an assessment, she calmly told me to call an ambulance. I called my husband, instead. I remember my exact words: “This is not a joke, and I am not exaggerating. I think I am going to die. I love you. Can you come immediately and…

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YouTube is finally raising the bar for quality content. Aware of the platform’s power for self-learning, it will start recommending videos you will be happy to watch based on the algorithm.

What is the algorithm?

“The algorithm” is a formula that factors in your search history and preferences to optimize YouTube’s suggested content for you. When you open YouTube on your laptop, an avalanche of suggestions is pre-loaded for you. If this is your first time using the platform, the recommendations will be randomized based on the videos’ popularity.

That is until you start clicking on them and watching them. That’s how YouTube tracks…

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