Shifting your focus without ignoring the pain.

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Flash your mic

Canva illustration by the author

Who invited me here, again?

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Scarred, uncertain, and fearful.

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Picture by Klaus Nielsen in collage by the author.

Performance (and casting) in the post-covid era.

Acting is changing.

Casting via self-taped auditions.

Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, Tennessee Williams, Lauren Gunderson

#StanislavskySaturday on YouTube

Tennesse Williams, Aaron Sorkin, Shonda Rhimes, Lauren Gunderson: how writers explore motivation.

Make time for your personal goals, and see them come to life.

Created with Canva.

Planning is a pleasure.

The science behind America’s obsession with coffee.

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A bad day

How the way to get people watching your videos changed

Algorithm illustration created by the author. Images: Canva, Anete Lusina and Antonio Batinic.

What is the algorithm?

And how to nail it this time

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Luciana Lambert

Actress, mom, writer, ex-lawyer, vegan, witch. The only thing that matters about my childhood is that I survived.

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